Apex Orchards

Our farm has been supplying the area with the finest farm fresh produce since 1828, and that tradition continues today. We have pick your own areas available in the fall in an orchard with one of the most spectacular views in New England. Our retail store is open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm from August through April. From mid-September until the end of October you can pick your own apples in our scenic orchard.


Bridgewater Village Bakery

Bridgewater Village Bakery is a traditional, old world village bakery that uses a long slow fermentation method which predigests grains while unlocking flavor and nutrition.   

Our breads are made with certified organic flour and sugar, are naturally leavened from our own starters. Each bread is made 100% from scratch from highest quality ingredients, and no commercial yeast or preservatives are used. Breads are made in small batches starting at least three days prior to the market and baked fresh in our wood fired oven the morning of each market. Whenever possible, locally sourced ingredients are used, and our breads are Vegan & Vegetarian friendly. Many of our repeat customers have gluten intolerance and/or glycemic sensitivity and/or commercial yeast sensitivities. 

The Buckle Farm

Buckle Farm believes that healthy, fresh food should be accessible to everybody!  In order to make this idea a reality, we support and donate to hunger relief programs in the region where we grow and sell our products.  In our new home of Unity, Maine we are working to support Veggies For All, a foodbank farm that provides vegetables to 1,500 of our neighbors in need through 10 local food pantries.  Watching their hard work this growing season inspired us to launch this promotion that helps them and helps you.

Chica de Gallo

At Chica de Gallo, we take our salsa and guacamole seriously and ourselves a little less so. Our products are carefully crafted with quality ingredients: juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes, a well-balanced blend of crunchy and spicy peppers, leafy green cilantro, and freshly squeezed lime juice.

The Food Project

Our mission is to grow a thoughtful and productive community of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to build a sustainable food system. We produce healthy food for residents of the city and suburbs and provide youth leadership opportunities. Most importantly, we strive to inspire and support others to create change in their own communities.

Each year, we work with over 120 teens and thousands of volunteers to farm on 31 acres in Lincoln, seven acres in Beverly, two and a half acres in Boston, and one acre in Lynn, Mass. We grow over a quarter-million pounds of food without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and donate thousands of pounds of produce to local hunger relief organizations.  We sell the remainder of our produce through community supported agriculture (CSA) farm shares and farmers’ markets. Locally, we promote access to fresh, affordable produce by building raised-bed gardens for residents and organizations, offering garden-based educational programming, and providing opportunities for people to use SNAP/EBT benefits to purchase fresh food. 

Foxboro Cheese Co.

Foxboro Cheese Company is a small farmstead cheese-maker, owned and operated by Ed and Nancy Lawton. Foxboro Cheese Co is located on Lawton’s Family Farm which has been owned by Ed’s family for almost 300 years. The farm was a part of a land grant to the family by King George in 1732. Currently the 25 acre farm is primarily used to graze a herd of 25 Ayrshire cows, which supply milk to OKA Real Milk ( a raw milk retailer) and Foxboro Cheese Co. The cheese room, and aging cave, is located in our 1830’s hand hewn timber-framed barn. We started work on the cheese room in 2006 and started selling cheese in the summer of 2009.

Lilac Hedge Farm

Lilac Hedge Farm came about as a vision to provide local, sustainably raised meats to consumers. Started by owners Ryan MacKay and Tom Corbett, Lilac Hedge Farm focuses on meats raised responsibly with extreme attention to care, comfort, nutrition and the quality of the animals. While the only way we are able to sell our meat is through farmers markets that we attend, because we do not have a retail operation, we feel that it is the best way for us to market our meat. Being only the two of us, we find it very important to talk to our customers and get to know them as much as possible. We are always willing to answer any questions you may have and are more than happy to tell you more about our journey and our animals.

The Neighborhood Farm

We started growing in 2008, planting gardens in private yards and selling the vegetables, herbs and flowers we grew.  The first year our gardens totalled less than 1/4 acre and we attended 1 local farmers' market.  Since then, we've grown a lot.  We still have 6 gardens in local yards, and now we also have a giant garden on a site we lease from The Trustees of Reservations.  We sell our produce at farmers' markets, through our farmers' market CSA and to local restaurants.

Q's Nuts

Q’s Nuts is a small family-owned & operated artisan nut company started by husband and wife team, Beth and Brian “Q” Quinn. It was founded in 2000 with the simple philosophy that wholesome ingredients, a love of good food, and a passion for creating in the kitchen would create some of the best tasting roasts around. Q’s Nuts are only made in small batches with the finest ingredients, always assuring a fresh quality product. Our line of sweet, savory, and exotic flavors are inspired by meals enjoyed, places visited, and closely held family recipes. As Q is constantly experimenting at our Somerville kitchen and storefront, our line is always expanding with new creations to be enjoyed! You can also purchase our nuts online, at seasonal farmers markets, and select stores throughout the Boston area.

Red's Best Fish

You probably know your accountant and your plumber, but you might not know your fishermen though they feed you. Red's Best innovative technology and logistics platform reduces the distance between you and your fishermen. Red's Best freshness is often days fresher than what is sold in supermarkets for the same price. Some quality-focused grocery chains, sushi dealers, and passionate restauranteurs buy Red's Best wholesale because they know to consult fishermen first when it comes to wild seafood, and Red is your local fisherman.

Red's Best was born from the mind of Jared Auerbach, a young fisherman from Boston who cut his teeth fishing on commercial vessels in Alaska and Cape Cod, MA. Jared learned from the generations of fishermen there and across America, and he set out to create a brand for each and every fisherman that represents the pride of the profession. Buying Red's Best brand fish supports fishermen whose livelihood depends on the catch.

Simpson Spring

Simpson Spring is the oldest independent bottling plant in the United States, providing pure spring water and old-fashioned, hand-mixed soda in a variety of favors, classic and new. We encourage our fans to visit often and celebrate the rich history that our spring has to offer. While you are here:
Take a complimentary tour of our historic museum, see our Spring! What other spring will show you where they get their water? Our Company Store has water, soda, seltzer PLUS! local meats, cheese & more!

Soluna Garden Farm

Soluna Garden Farm is a one-acre farm in Winchester, Massachusetts, that specializes in sustainably grown herbs and flowers. Soluna grows all its fresh herbs and flowers using no chemical fertilizers, preservatives, or pesticides. 

Soluna Herb, Spice, and Tea Emporium, located at 600 Main Street, in Winchester, Mass., is the storefront location of Soluna Garden Farm, carrying a full selection of certified organic culinary and medicinal herbs, spices, and loose leaf teas, in addition to the fresh herbs and cut flowers grown on the farm. 

Soluna Garden Farm makes its own line of hand-blended herb and spice blends and herbal teas from individual certified organic ingredients purchased from organic suppliers whose policies and practices support organic farming and environmental sustainability.

Urban Hydr-O Farmers

We are youth from the College Bound Program at Boston College growing hydroponic produce to share with the community.

Valicenti Organico

The Valicenti family has a long history of growing and preserving our own food, using time-honored traditional methods. Generations of Valicentis have cultivated with care our extensive home garden, producing enough to feed family and friends throughout the growing season, as well as canning pickles, tomatoes, sauces, pesto and jam for delicious, nutritious food all year round. Dave Valicenti grew up amidst this plenty, always surrounded by fresh, seasonal, homemade food, lovingly prepared with an Italian sensibility. Inspired to continue his family’s tradition, Dave and his wife Michelle founded Valicenti Organico to grow their own and produce delicious, fresh, gourmet pastas and sauces in the same place Dave’s family has lived for more than 35 years.

Vermont Creamery

At Vermont Creamery, we strive to produce the highest quality cheeses and dairy products using local ingredients while supporting and developing family farms. We aim to exemplify sustainability by being profitable, engaging our staff in the business, and living our mission every day in the creamery.
Our mission is founded on five principles:

The farms: Improve our rural communities by supporting family farms which have best management practices that are sustainable and environmentally sound.
A culture of continuous improvement: Invigorate and challenge our creamery community to maintain the highest product quality, excel at customer service and care for our consumers by inviting them to be part of our family.
The value of cheese: Promotes a life of good health and meaningful connection through the preparation and sharing of good food with others.
A responsible manufacturer: Add value to milk while minimizing our impact on clean and plentiful water, clean air, and land.
The Team: Accountability and responsibility allows every team member to create a profitable, meaningful and fun workplace where he/she is challenged empowered and motivated by his/her contribution.