All products offered for sale by the participating vendor must be grown and/or produced by that participating vendor, or by a supply farmer or supplemental vendor.

1. Vendors must be registered with the market

2. Vendors must indicate on their product list which products will be sourced through a supplemental vendor/farmer

3. The source of all products must be identified with APPROPRIATE SIGNAGE.




1. All vendors must be registered with the EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET.

2. All vendors are to be in good standing in order to participate in the market.



A. Vendors who wish to participate must submit a completed application annually. All requirements contained in the application packet are considered part of this POLICY. Vendors receive no priority or guarantee of participation based on any participation in previous years.

B. No application will be considered complete until all required application materials are received by EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET.  Incomplete applications will be acted upon and conditional approvals granted at the sole discretion of EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET.  Conditional approvals may be rescinded at any time for any reason.

C. The application process is a written process. Verbal correspondence by any member, director, or representative of EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET is intended for information purposes only and does not substitute for any of the requirements of the application or this POLICY.

D. All vendors will be selected and placed at market based on standing, the variety, quality, and volume of products for sale as compared to the needs of the market and community, and such other criteria that EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET feels is in the market’s best interests.



A. The Market Manager is the on-site representative of the EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET. The Market Manager is the official manager at the market having sole and absolute discretion and authority to enforce this POLICY and to set and enforce operational rules. If problems arise, the Market Manager will settle disputes. In the interest of promptness, the manager’s decisions on any questions shall be enforced until and unless reviewed and altered by the Egleston Farmers Market Steering Committee.



A. The Market does NOT supply liability or other insurance protecting the individual vendor.

B. Vendors must carry their own General Liability Coverage Policy in the amount of $1,000,000/$2,000,000 Bodily Injury & Property Damage, Workers Compensation $100,000 Per Disease/$100,000 Per Accident/$500,000 Policy Limit and Automobile Liability in the amount of $1,000,000. A certificate of insurance naming Egleston Farmers Market as an additional insured must be submitted with the annual application for market participation.

C. Any accident or injury must be reported immediately to the Market Manager.



A. If a participating vendor is unable to attend on any given week, he or she should call the Market Manager before that market day begins. There will be no reimbursement for absences. Absences negatively affect the market and may result in loss of selling space.

B. Vendors should set up, display, and package products in a way that protects products from the elements.  Vendors must also ensure that their physical set up is safe and hazard-free for the vendors, the customers, and other market participants.

C. Vendors should arrive at the market 30-60 minutes before opening, and should be ready to sell five (5) minutes before opening. Late arrivals’ set up is at the discretion of the Market Manager.

D. No goods are to be sold before the market officially opens or after it officially closes.

E. Each vendor must keep the area in and around his or her space clean at all times. Each vendor must leave his or her assigned space in broom-clean condition by market closing. All refuse must be taken home with the vendor.



A. Vendors are responsible for complying with all requirements of, and obtaining all necessary permits and approvals from, the relevant town or city, the State of Massachusetts, and the Federal Government (including the USDA, FDA, and potentially other agencies).

B. All products must have appropriate signage, including price.

C. All products should be of top or grade A quality; any seconds or canning quality may be offered but must be labeled as such. The Market Manager has the right to ban any inferior products from the sales area.

D. All products brought to the market as part of a cooperative system must be clearly labeled as such.



A. Vendors planning to use a scale must have it sealed by an official city or State Sealer of Weights and Measures.

B. Solicitations, collection drives or manufactured products are not permitted in the market area without the prior approval of the Market Manager.

C. The EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET is not responsible for the arrangements made between any vendor and any customer. No warranty of any sort, expressed or implied is made by the EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET on behalf of vendors, or the market.

D. Each vendor is responsible for his/her own compliance with any applicable local, State or Federal laws and regulations.

E. Vendors are prohibited from the use of or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while in attendance at market.

F. Vendors are prohibited from smoking within the market boundaries.

G. All pets are prohibited from attending farmers markets with vendors due to health and safety risks.

H. Vendors are prohibited from engaging in any behavior not appropriate for a public setting including, but not limited to, physical violence or the use of obscene or abusive language.



A. All space fees must be paid in accordance with the current season payment schedule in order for a vendor to participate in the Market.  See current year application for payment schedule information.

B. All outstanding debts to EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET, its subcontractors, or assigns from any previous year must be paid in order to receive an application and to be considered for the Market.


Payment Information:

Payments to be made out to EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET

Payments may be submitted via PayPal or mailed to:

Egleston Farmers Market

c/o Scott Farrell-Forstein

24 Olmstead St.

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


Missing payment deadlines: 

Missing any payments may result in immediate loss of selling space(s). Loss of selling space may occur at any time after notice from either the Market Manager or the EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET.


Alternative Payment Plans:

Alternative payment plans may be granted upon written request to the Egleston Farmers Market regarding payments. The written request must include your circumstances, a suggested payment plan with payment dates and amounts of payments that you are willing to commit to, and your signature. Missing any alternative payment plan dates may result in immediate loss of selling space(s).



Intent to sell processed foods must be indicated on the vendor’s market application by accurately completing the processed foods section of the Product List (see Rules for Vendor Applications).

Most processed goods are regulated by local, State, or Federal health laws, and require a permit or license and certain labeling procedures. It is the responsibility of the vendor to comply with any such laws. Any permits or licenses required for the sale of a processed food must be submitted to EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET along with the vendor’s application prior to sale of the processed good at the farmers market.

The Market Manager has the right to require that a participating vendor remove a processed food from the selling display if appropriate permitting, licensing, or labeling is not apparent.

Please email EGLESTON FARMERS MARKET with any questions at